8 ways to decorate Christmas tree balls

You can buy Christmas tree balls in clear plastic online or from hobby stores, but you can obviously add your own decorations to any type of Christmas tree ball.


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For an outdoorsy, Scandinavian look, place small sprigs of fir, holly or other green plants in the bauble. Go for a walk together to collect twigs and greenery or cut some shoots from your houseplants. Remember to choose plants that can survive for a while without withering.



For a more stylistic decoration, fill the Christmas tree ball with a piece of tissue paper, tie some string through the top and add a seasonal message either by making a label with a label maker or writing by hand with a marker.

Pipe cleaners

Twist two tinsel pipe cleaners into the shape of a candy cane or use pipe cleaners in different colors to make a festive tinsel tangle. The beauty of pipe cleaners is how easy it is to take them out and change them.



Do you feel like the holiday season is the one time of the year when less isn’t more? Then let’s get out the glitter!

Brush glue on half of the ball and dip it in glitter. Fill another ball with glitter confetti and paint pretty patterns on a third ball using glitter glue. Sprinkle a little loose glitter in the same color over the glue for an extra sparkling effect. The best thing about glitter is the bigger the mess, the more festive it gets!

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