The supplies needed were minimal. I purchased a metal lamp stand at the thrift store for $3.99 and a 99 cent blue glass plate with silver swirly patterns that caught my eye. I cut the cord from the bottom of the lamp and unscrewed the top and removed the wiring. I also removed the switch to turn on the lamp and the piece that balances the light shade.


Next, I painted it with a coat of granite textured paint and allowed it to dry.

Then I used glass glue to attach the plate to the top of the lamp stand.


I thought the project turned out great and it only cost $5 to make, plus about fifteen minutes crafting time. Think of all the money I saved that can be used on other patio projects! I’m sure Bryan will be thrilled. I’ll be featuring lots of crafts from The Summer Patio Project this spring and summer and all sorts of design inspiration. I just know this will be the year the patio is completed!

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