Cherry Blossom Tissue Paper Flower

Subtle spring accents, like this Cherry Blossom Tissue Paper Flower branch, can add some lovely touches to your home. This free flower craft idea shows you how to make small tissue paper flowers and attach them to a branch for a realistic-looking faux flower. Once you create this cute DIY flower craft, you can add them to a vase, hang them on the wall, or combine them with other floral ideas for a unique DIY bouquet. These tissue paper cherry blossoms make excellent springtime decorations!


Materials List

  • Tissue Paper
  • Sizzix Paper
  • Sizzix machine
  • Hot glue gun and glue

How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

  1. Take one sheet of tissue paper and fold it down into a small piece.

    Pro Tip: put some tape on your rubber cut to keep the static from making your different layers of cut paper stick to it.

  2. Make your Sizzix sandwich and run your paper through the machine. Use your finger to press down your flower and then use your other hand to peal away the excess paper.

  3. Create a stack of flowers as large as you would like and poke a hole through the middle of your flower. Take a barette and place it through the hole you just created.

  4. To make your flower, take each layer of your tissue paper and scrunch it into the middle. Between each layer rotate your flower so that they each have a different pattern.

  5. Separate and play with the layers a bit to create a very pretty cherry blossom.

  6. Add your blossoms to a branch or any project you would like to adorn them with.

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