Christmas Paper Lantern

Chinese lanterns are a beautiful decoration that can be used in weddings, birthdays or any party or holiday. They can be hung individually, in groupings, in a row and even placed along tables as an eye-catching centerpiece.

They are also easy to convert into gorgeous decor items by simply adding materials commonly found at the craft store. From glitter to paint, or faux berries and a sweet little red cardinal as we have done here to create a whimsical Christmas lantern.


Things You’ll Need

Faux Christmas florals

Hot glue gun



Paper lantern

Step 1

Separate the picks using scissors or pliers.

Step 2

Apply hot glue along the stem of twig.

Step 3

Adhere the twig to the paper lantern and continue to glue additional twigs as desired. These particular twigs were glued around the lantern.

Step 4

Cut more leaves if desired.

Step 5

Apply hot glue to the leaves and apply leaves underneath previously glued stems.

Step 6

OPTIONAL: Apply hot glue to the bottom of an ornamental bird.

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