DIY duct tape tutorials

Duct tape gift wrap

Use duct tape to wrap gifts.  Easy to wrap and makes your gift look beautiful.

You can also top it with a duct tape bow.

DIY with the Sweetest Occasion

Duct tape home decoration

1  Use duct tape to beautify your table, lamp, frames and so much more.

2  Wrap a vase with duct tape to decorate it.

3  Wrap candles with duct tape.  I like the cute ruffles on the smaller candle!

4  Make a duct tape flower.  Cut petals on the duct tape strip and wrap it around a bud.  To make the bud, roll duct tape!


Duct tape storage solution

Wrap cartons and boxes with duct tape.  Makes better looking reusable storage boxes.

Use them for storing kid’s toys, craft supplies, cleaning supplies and more.


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