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Terrariums make great holiday gifts, so we’ve collected 10 unique ideas for building a beautiful plant-scape in repurposed containers. Terrariums can be made with either leafy plants life ferns, or with water-storing varieties, such as succulents or cacti. Because terrarium plants need little soil and water, they can be made from containers of all sizes. Check out these suggestion for tiny (and even wearable) DIY terrarium gifts!

 Ornament Terrarium

Spruce up boring glass ornaments by turning them into terrariums. You can use any clear glass ornament that has a removable hanger. We suggest repurposing an old ornament, or finding on at your local thrift store, but you can also find them at craft stores. Fill the hollow area with soil and small plants to complete the look. All the details for the how-to can be found here.

Cut-Off Bottle Terrarium

Get the look of a “ship in a bottle” by building your terrarium into a repurposed bottle laid on its side. We suggest using a tall cyclindral bottle, but you could experiment with smaller soda bottle or odd shaped. You may find a local glass cutting shop to take off the top in order to make a wider opening to plant, or your can carefully cut it yourself using string and nail polish remover.

 Magnetic Container Terrarium

Succulents and cacti need very little water and soil, so don’t exclude very small containers as possibilities for terrariums. You can use any small container with a clear lid to get this look. Slide the clear cover so you expose just more than half of the opening. Layer your rocks, charcoal (optional) and soil as pictured above. Plant mini water-storing varieties  and arrange small pebbles around then as decoration. Glue a rare earth magnet to the back side to hang on any ferrous metal surface.

 Tiny Tin Terrarium

What could be more surprising than giving a tiny tin that opens to reveal a garden inside? Use a small tin from mints (Altoids), candy, or even a sardine tin with a roll-top. Give a shallow layer of soil and plant small succulent seedlings. To get the look pictured, plant the seedlings close together.

Light Bulb Terrarium

If you still have incandescent bulbs around, one is bound to blow out any day. Use this opportunity to upgrade to a more sustainable light source, and repurpose the edison bulb into a terrarium.

Necklace Terrarium

For fashionistas on your list, make them a wearable terrarium from an apothecary bottle. Corking the top will create the perfect mini rain forest-like environment for a tiny seedling.

Seashell Ring Terrarium

Many terrarium plants need very little soil, meaning you can even plant them into a seashell! Check your local thrift store for rings if you don’t have one of your own to repurposed. If you don’t live near a lovely beach with shells, you can also use the shell from a nut, or any other hard-sided natural material. Fill the hollow area with soil, plant the seedling and use a industrial strength glue to attached to the ring.


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