Impressive Holiday Door Decorations

Santa Door Decoration

Make a Santa Door out of paper cutouts. So easy and cute!


The Selfie Funny Door Decoration

A fun idea for photo lovers.


Santa’s Factory Door

For the background use full scape brown craft paper to cover the door the side walls and the roof. Use styro foam to make the triangle part of the roof. Color the paper plates and then stick them or you can pin them on the styro foam. Use white craft paper to make the frame of the window and pink craft paper to make the curtains. Use white card paper to make the snowy borders and fill the walls with details like ginger bread man and twirl candies or candy canes and wreaths.


Snowman Doors

Here’s a fun way to make a snow man without using snow for your Holiday door decoration this year. Gather up all the kids for this fun and exciting activity at Cupped Snowman door.  You can also have everyone make a snowman face to create a snowman door.


Santa Minion Door Decor


A minion Santa wishes all the kids this Christmas a very merry Christmas.

DIY Christmas tree front door



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