Ribbon Flowers

These flowers require a steady hand.  And the more you practice the better you get.

You will need:
Ribbon (I used 1″ wide ribbon)
Thread and needle (for sewing)
Make It:
  • Start by rolling the ribbon in the form of a bud (as you can see at the center).
  • And use thread and needle to sew as you go, for a secure and perfect flower.
  • Once you have a supportive bud, big enough to hold in your fingers; start folding the ribbon.
  • Fold the ribbon and continue sewing each petal as you go below the other.
  • Each fold will give you an individual petal.
Next I just used thread to secure each flower on the basket.
To match the gold and silver theme of the event and glued ribbon to the bottom of the basket.
I also added a beads wired garland around the basket.
I don’t know if I should say it myself, but it looked fabulous on my wedding! What do you think?

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