Secretly Cheap DIY Flower Vase

“Make your own recycled vase using this super easy tutorial for making a flower vase out of plastic bottle. If you didn’t know better, you’d swear it was made out of crystal.”

Add some surprisingly chic plastic bottle crafts to your indoor and outdoor decorations when you check out this green crafting idea. The Secretly Cheap DIY Flower Vase tutorial shows you how to transform plastic bottles into pretty, little planters that are extra cheap to create and so pretty that no one will even know these recycled craft ideas were once bound from the recycling bin. Crafters who love adding a touch of DIY to their party décor will love this idea because it is absurdly easy to create and coordinate to your party colors. All you need is the right color flowers and spray paint to make these gorgeous and impressive DIY crafts. These plastic bottle crafts look especially glam in metallic, but will look equally as trendy in matte colors.


Why You Should Be Making Plastic Bottle Crafts

There is enough plastic tossed into the garbage annually to circle the globe (at least) four times and billions of pounds of plastic can be found in our ocean waters. Plastic is everywhere in our lives. From where you are sitting now, you can probably see at least a dozen plastic items. From the computer or phone you are using to the plastic water bottle you’re sipping, plastics are literally everywhere we look. They even show up in face washes and other toiletries. Americans throw away over half of all of the plastic they use, meaning we only recover or recycle five percent of the plastic we use each and every year!

While recycling is a wonderful solution to all of that waste, reusing materials is much more effective as you are not wasting any energy via fossil fuels to create your recycled art or plastic bottle crafts!

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